Bridge at Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstones Old faithful erupting
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Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithfull Area

Old Faithful Area
Yellowstone Map
You can't talk about the Old Faithful area without first
showing a photo of Old Faithful. Its not the biggest
geyser in the park, but it is definitely the most famous. It's
not as faithful as it was prior to the 7.3 magnitude
earthquake in August 1959. Before the quake it was very
regular, every hour plus or minus a minute or two,  Now it
erupts about every hour, give or take 10 or 15 minutes.

I have visited Yellowstone at least 6 times through the
years. My first being the night of August 17, 1959. We
were staying in the cabins at West Thumb (torn down
long ago). It was an eventful evening and night. I was
chased round and round a Volkswagen by a bear, later
after dark another bear came up on the porch of our
cabin and stood up - looking through the screen door,
and then about 11:30 that night the earthquake.

This photo was taken in September 2011, from the front
of Old Faithful Lodge standing under the tree in the photo
Old Faithful Lodge
I think the Old Faithful Lodge is one of best kept secrets
in the park (#2 on the map below). I rate the food in the
lodge cafeteria as the best in the park, plus you can sit on
the porch and watch Old Faithful erupt.
If your looking for a burger and fries for lunch, I
recommend the snack shop (#1 on the map at left and
photo below). Its right in the souvenir shop, so T-shirts,
key chains, sweat shirts, shot glasses and lots of other
souvenirs are right there.
Everyone should tour the Inn (#3 on the map). It's one
giant log cabin! If you want to stay in the Inn, make your
reservations well in advance. We've tried to get a room
on short notice, and could have, for about $600 a night.

I do not recommend the restaurant at the Inn. It's pricey
and the food just isn't that good.
There is no campground at Old Faithful, but the cabins
are the next best thing. The cabins have a lavatory, a
heater, a fan and a small desk. They are just one step
above camping and at $72 a night, not much more
expensive than the RV campground at Fishing Bridge.

The restroom's and showers are in separate buildings  
close by. If your camper is not much bigger than a full
size van you can park it right next to your cabin.
Yellowstone Cabin at Old Faithful
If you've just entered the Old Faithful area, the
first left will get you to the snack shop,
General Store and Service Station easily.
The view from the front of our cabin.
Hiking trails in the Old Faithful Area
General Store and Snack Shop
Video of Old Faithful erupting, taken from the front of the Old
Faithful Lodge
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