There’s a lot to do in and around Acadia. There are hiking
trails, carriage roads for walking or biking, the 27 mile
scenic Park Loop Road, Cadillac Mountain, museums, a
sandy beach, a rocky beach, camping, ranger programs,
ferries, a 151 foot schooner cruise, swimming, and more.
More than you can do in just a few days.
Stone Bridge over Acadia National Park Loop Road
Bar Harbor
Blackwoods Campground
We have made one trip to Acadia, so far. We couldn’t see it all, so at some point
in the future we plan to visit again and return with more reviews.
Sand Beach wasn't crowded but the parking lot was
nearly full. You might want to take the bus.
Part of Park Loop Road is one way. Don’t miss the low
clearance signs looking at the scenery.  

There are two low clearance bridges near the south end of
the loop - 11'-8" . Both are on the one-way section of road
so you can't turn around.
The  Beach at Seawall is great for dangling your toes in
the ocean. There are a few picnic tables, you'll be lucky to
find one open.
Thunder Hole is along Park Loop Road, and yes it does
sound just like thunder.
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Sightseeing Cruise at Acadia National Park
Sand Beah at Acadia National Park
Stairs leading to Thunder Hole at Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park Thunder Hole
Rock Beach near Seawall Campground at Acadia National Park
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Acadia National Park Attractions and Activities

Park Loop Road
Seawall Map
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Seawall Campground
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Senic View from Acadia National Park Loop Road near Thunder Hole
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