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Arches National Park

Acadia National Park Double Arch
Arches National Park Delicate Arch
Arches National Park High Dessert

Hight Point Tours - Moab Utah

Another 4-Wheeler
Rock Climbing Jeep
Near the Top of the First Hill
High Point Tours Lot and Office
Looking At The First Hill From Below
The photo at right was taken just before we left the
road on the 2 hour sunset tour. That's not us on top of
that skinny rock, but we followed that same trail.
Looking Down
Note the location of the Jeep and the trees in the view
looking down from the side of our Hummer.
Top of the first hill.
The Jeep that had been in front of us is going to try to
climb the side of the hill.  We stopped to watch.
I think he could have made it, if it hadn't rained the day
before. With wet tires he just couldn't get enough
traction, this is a far as he could get.
Top Of The HIll
The view through the windshield.
Scenic View
In some places the trail is quite tame, and the views
are very scenic.
First Stop
We took a short break to look back and down at the
road. Then we were back on the trail to see the sights.
lON The Trail Again
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281 N. Main, Moab Utah. You can rent motorcycles,
Jeeps, mountain bikes and single or double wide
ATVs for 4 or 24 hours. Guided 2 and 4 hour tours
are available several times each day. The Colorado
River crosses US-191 - aka Main St. in Moab -  just
2 miles north of High Point Tours, so add Rafting
Tours to the Hight Point adventure list. They also
offer guided hiking/climbing tours as well.  
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