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Hight Point Tours - Page 2

Is this a dinosaur foot print? - the one in the middle.
Sure, why not.

Your are about to drive over petrified sand dunes,
ancient ocean floors and muddy river flood plains,
and the remnants of the first Rocky Mountains. Plus
this is only 130 miles south of Dinosaur National
Did I mention petrified sand dunes? They're
everywhere! The black tire marks are not pre-historic,
those are from the many tours through the area.
Of course, once sand dunes become rocks they
become great places for four wheeling.
Whooda thought, another big sand dune/rock.
Looks like a hard-core 4-wheeler is about to pop up
It's a ...    It's a ...
Well, its a 4-wheeler with maybe a Bronco hood.

Too bad the tire smokin' photo didn't turn out, he's got
a good power to weight ratio whatever it is.
Look, it's our Hummers sister...brother...first
cousin...                              ....whatever
When you are on high ground, the view goes all the
way to the moon.
Sunset over Moab
From a cliff east of town.
Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes
Another Hummer
More Dunes
4 wheeler
More Company
Majestic Views
Scenic View
Secnic View
Sunset Over Moab
The scenic views are fantastic. Don't miss it.
A special thanks to our tour guide. He was entertaining, funny and informative. He obviously loves his work and it shows.
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